if my calculations are correct SLINKY + ESCULATOR = EVERLASTING FUN

There are some people who don't have the guts for distance running. The polite term for them are sprinters.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Hey all! Long time no hear.
an update:
for those of you that didn't hear i'm landed myself a job! i work in the same line as my mom as a librarian. Surprised? neither am i. but hey it pays well. I enjoy the idea of the work i mean its easy and stuff but the people i work with aren't all of the greatest. my supervisor is awesome my boss man dude is awesome. of course where ever we go in life there's drama and that includes my job. something about he said she said a year or two ago. i just ignore it all and stay out of it.
A week from today is orchestra tour!!! I'm seriously needing some of this vacation lovin. I'm so busy constantly with school or work or something else. So i'm super excited to lay back and play some music.
G-bear's birthday was a few days ago. the lucky guy got more games. I guess my present was just lame--XD.
so yes life is going and going and hardly pausing for me to catch my breath. now i gotta run!

Friday, December 3, 2010

In case anyone is interested the holiday concert for Syracuse is Wed. the 15 of dec. There's two concert times so i'll let you know on that. it'll have the whole music department too so if you want to know when just the orchestra is playing i'll give you the information! it should be fun!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Standing up for a cause

Today at 10:00 am nearly 800 of my classmates left their classes armed with markers, posters, and their voices.

We've been planning this walkout for almost a week and we're glad it really happened. Schools all over the district were encouraged to participate but only our school, the great Syracuse Titans, had the courage to go on.
We were threatened with truencies early in the morning from our principle but it didn't hinder us. WE had to be the voices of our teachers. Our teachers who were threatened if they stepped outside then they would be fired as well.
We did this because 10 or more of our teachers are being fired because of an almost 31 million dollar budget cuts to our education.
everytime we elect a president they promise to protect our education. What about now? with class sizes soon to be over 40 kids we will no longer be individuals but just simple numbers.
two of our programs are being cut, Auto 3 and auto 4 plus most of our budgets for drama, art and orchestra.

for what? a new football field for Davis High. For the huge salary our principle makes. We have amazing facilities that will never be used now because of the cuts. A nice auto facility that cannot be used for Auto 1 will pack up dust.
What really made me feel amazing was the fact that we had so many people. Parents came by honking horns to show their support. News cameras and photographers for the newspaper showed to document our thoughts and make our voices heard.
We had to stand up for our teachers because no one else will.
We will not stand to have some of the greatest teachers left in the dust
no teacher left behind

(pictures used from ksl.com deseretnews.com saltlaketribune.com and fox13news)

Monday, April 12, 2010

lolz my hamster turned white.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Rancho Cucamonga

"So Boogy-boarding Ben, where're ya from?"
"Rancho Cucamonga."
"Rancho Cucamonga!...I have no idea where that is.
Rancho Cucamonga, Rancho Cucamonga. It's kinda fun to say though!"

Hi yall! Just got back from the magical world of Disney.
So I went to Disneyland for my orchestra tour last week with the whole music department. We all had a lot of fun and learned a lot. We went to colleges for clinics with the pro's who helped us out a lot with our music.
But first we started with the bus ride. A long long bus ride.

This was my seat partner. She was the most annoying girl ever. She can irritate even the nicest people i know.

This was the dude in front of me. He's also my stand partner in the orchestra

And these were the dudes behind me. They also became my entourage and attached themselves to me throughout the trip. The red head was super annoying and acted like a five year old. ugh he even claimed i was the girl of his dreams; five minutes later he was asking what my name was again.

The bus ride was kinda scary cause our driver fell asleep once or twice. We hit the rumble strip a lot throughout. Once, when i woke up we were being led by a semi. He was forcing the bus driver to stay awake and slow down. Thank you truck driver for saving us!
We hit McDonalds for some breakfast. poor workers didn't know what hit them. Then we hit Hollywood.

First stop was the Hollywood bowl

Then we hit the boulevard. I tried to find the beatles but i didn't have time to really look for it. plus i didn't really know where their stars were.

The next day we hit the Huntington beach!

And for dinner we went to medieval times

and i got a flower!! lol since i was surrounded by guys i knew that our lovely blue knight threw it right to me! Of coursed i squealed like a crazed fan girl. I was very protective of my flower.

And then the day we were all waiting for. DISNEYLAND!!! *crazy scream*

They had drained the big lake for repairs, I think they might also add some princess and the frog stuff too. So I didn't get to see the boats or tom sayer island or anything like that. Kinda depressing.

I had a lot of fun and rode a lot more rides. Even pirates and Indiana jones and haunted mansion!
We didn't see any princesses except for tiana who was performing throughout the day. I was lucky to get any pictures at all. The first day of disney i was stuck with the guys but then i was finally able to get free of them and hang out with all my girlfriends!
(ok i admit i did kinda like the attention the guys gave me)

The coolest thing we did was the Talk Live With Crush. It was amazing. The conversation above is from that. You basically sit down and talk to Crush from Finding Nemo. My friend talked with him and it was so funny. I definately will see that again. But compaired to my first time i really improved the amount of rides i did. especially considering that I hate most rides i think i did really well. Ha! take that family! i'm getting better! And then the bus ride home. This one was shorter cause all of us were dead tired.

Our teachers actually got in a big fight at the end of the trip. The band teacher wanted us to get to the park at 7:30 but this was also the day we were leaving so we had to be packed for the ride home straight after disneyland. We were functioning on less than 5 hours of sleep and no one could eat breakfast because they were all packing. My amazing orchestra teacher really didn't like the idea of us not eating and little sleep and she also knew that most of us would skip lunch in the park. She wanted us to be able to eat breakfast. So she argued with the band teacher and we got a little more time. So we were told to load the bus at 8:30. After breakfast which i finished at around 8 i go back to the room to catch a few more Z's. I'm with my other roommates discussing the arguements from our teachers and the confusion going on that morning when we hear the choir teacher yell at some girls telling them that we were leaving as soon as the buses were loaded. This made us angry. Nobody was telling us anything and we were tired and frustrated. so we gave up and just packed our stuff onto the bus.

Finally i'm at home but guess what happens!! I get sick. and not just sore throat from screaming and jet lag. But like aches and headache and puking all night sick. Great fun. This means that aside from all the make-up work i had from the trip i also have all the work from the day of school i missed. Maybe it's all the stress and lack of sleep that killed my immune system. I wouldn't be surprised.
Hopefully i'll survive until spring break next week.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

busy busy busy

You know those weeks where you feel like you're a chicken without it's head? I welcome you to my world.
School has been so crazy lately. It's the end of the term so this should come as no surprise but track has also started which means:
i'm getting home a lot later
i'm really tired
there's no time after to get a lot of stuff done
So now i've started to scramble to get things done and i'm starting to feel like i'm in a noose.
But then relief!! my amazing cousin and i finally got out on the slopes. And it was a lot of fun. I can't wait to go again!
I'm getting a lot better at snowboarding now. I can finally not freak out when i go straight.
I've also learned to blow on my gum wrappers. (thanks R!)
I met a lot of cousin's friends and i had a lot of fun despite the fact they were a lot older than me. It just shows that i'm more social than i thought. I thought cousin's guy friend (wink wink) was really nice and super helpful. I really liked him.
So all in all i really really enjoyed myself.
Just not the soreness after! or the bruises that all my friends happened to find.

And some news!!
I've chopped off my hair!
We went on saturday for madison and i asked if i could get mine cut too. I sat down and the kind woman asked if i wanted to donate. Here was my chance!! a change was finally happening! 12 inches chopped off. and it's still pretty long.

And now another week starts. But i won't be in school!!
I'll be in nice and sunny and warm California playing my instrument among the pros!! We're going on tour to Disneyland!
We're leaving tuesday and i'm soooo excited!

Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Oh where has the internet gone?

So everyday when i come one of the first things i do is check my email. Mostly empty most of the time. Sometimes when i write a story i'll put it on a website and get reviews from people that make me bubbly with joy. But most of the time there's nothing.
Once every so often i'll sign in on msn messenger and recieve messages that are weeks old.
But everyday i read. Once email is done i type in the magic letters that bring me to two magic websites with magic books.
Unfortunately they only update once a month.
Now i do not surf youtube or google for interesting things. I don't go on game websites to play online. I'm am not explorative to amazon or ebay. I just simply read.
and it works. most of the time.
Why in the whole world wide web can i not find entertainment?

So boredom sets in.
which means i should run. but i never do because i make up an excuse for myself that i never follow through with. like for example, homework.
My creative writing teacher believes this is an honors class and can write amazing things in ten minutes, come up with 26 alliterations and an illustrated picture of them, and read.
Now a multitasker master i may be but this pushes things. a bit.

Which means i should run. but not today. because today i have to: practice cello, catch up in math, email that teacher about that assignment she lost last week, illustrate a book, research building and make observations and then draw one, answer frantic text messages from my depressing friend, and finish the book that my sister wants to read, and maybe go to hot topic to listen to the amazing music of kerli.

too bad track starts monday.

oh crap.